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Poonam Shyam

Poonam Shyam, a promising young Kathak dancer, choreographer has already become famous by her choreographies and her performances within the Kathak scene of India. She is the senior disciple of Guru Rujuta Soman and has studied Kathak under her tutelage for almost 18 years in Pune.

Poonam is extremely eloquent with the language of gestures, which imparts her tremendous capacity to enthral the audiences with her performances of Classical Kathak. She has rightly showed her mettle through original traditional as well as contemporary thematic compositions.

She has been thoroughly trained in the Jazz, Indo Jazz and Bollywood styles of dancing at the Shiamak Davar's Institute for Performing Arts [SDIPA] and has been certified as the student with Special Potential.

She has choreographed for few Marathi Films and has also started a dance school - "TRISHNA", where training in pure Classical Kathak is given - an attempt to carry forward the work of her Guru Rujuta Soman.

Presently located in Zürich, Switzerland, Poonam has extensively performed and conducted Workshops at prestigious platforms Locally, Nationally and Internationally. See all her performances here.

Poonam values the social aspect of arts and has performed, conceptualized and choreographed for charity shows in aid of social organizations through various productions.

Creative Compositions

Few of the famous creative compositions from Poonam are -

"KRISHNAMAYEE" Dance Production

Is a pure classical Kathak choreography which has been choreographed for the indo-german Project "SPIRIT". It gives an insight about how one has to realize the inner self, in order to attain that spiritual soul searching. Krishnamayee, is the one who has Krishna with and within her. The ultimate destiny of soul searching – the mortal self discovering the Divine bliss.

"BLACK & WHITE" Dance Production

Is a Kathak-Contemporary dance piece exposing the naked truth of life: "Colors of life are a beautiful blend of Black & White".

"ANUBHUUTI" Dance Production

Is an experience of the journey from getting acquainted to the sounds within yourself motivating the joy of movement and experiencing the colors of emotions holding the common threads in Kathak and Mohiniyattam with the Contemporary approach.

"SPIRIT" Dance Production

Depicts the essence of "Spirituality" through the Indian as well as the Western point of view. The performance comprised of Indian Classical Dance styles - Mohiniyattam, Kathak and the contemporary styles of dancing showcasing spiritual outlook with the common threads as well as the contrasts in the three languages of dance.

"SRIJAN" Dance Piece

Is an ensemble of both, Kathak and Mohiniyattam dance styles.


Showcases India in yester years, today and future.


An Indo-Jazz choreography on separation in Love.


Indo-Jazz choreography based on five elements on the students of Sinhagad Institute of Management.