TRISHNA - A Desire to Dance

A Pure Indian Dance School

Trishna meaning "desire" (a desire to dance...), is an Indian dance school where training in pure Classical Kathak, Bollywood and Indian Folk dance styles is given. At Trishna the transcended desires are expressed mainly with the body dynamism of Kathak - a North Indian Classical Dance style.

Gifted with an artistic flair Poonam Shyam tries to quench her "Trishna" for creation through original traditional as well as contemporary thematic dance compositions. It is an attempt to carry forward the work of her Guru Smt. Rujuta Soman.

At Trishna, Indian dance is taught harmoniously blending the traditional yet innovative dance techniques for the rhythmic synchronization of mind and body.

Presently based in Zurich, Trishna aims to preserve and promote Indian dance through performances, training, productions, education and organizing events and lecture demonstrations by stalwarts from the related fields of Dance and Music.

The objective of Trishna is to spread the pure joy of movements locally, nationally and internationally while maintaining the balance of technique and aesthetics of the graceful dimensions of Indian dance.