Bollywood Dance @ Trishna

Trishna Bollywood Beats

Trishna ​D​ance ​Academy, is the place where you are not joining just a dance class, but an EXPERIENCE. You will experience high energy, interactive classes and events ​​with​ lots of​ fun, friendly people​ in a vibrant, diverse community.

The dance sessions and performances ​specialize in an overall style ranging from very high energy to more reserved movements of dance following a very "filmy" trend of Bollywood, portraying hard core stylization that takes the ​dancing to the pinnacle of zest.

Great music, colorful costumes, vibrant expressions and an authentic style guarantee an unforgettable dancing experience!

Artistic Leader and Choreographer - Poonam Shyam

Poonam Shyam has been thoroughly trained in the Jazz, Indo Jazz and Bollywood styles of dancing at the Shiamak Davar's Institute for Performing Arts [SDIPA] and has been certified as the student with Special Potential.

She has also Performed and choreographed for few Marathi Films like Bayo, Vasudev Balwant Phadke, Mani Mangalsutra and so on.

Whether you have ”two left feet” or are an aspiring professional dancer, we welcome you!

We train you to be professional with the Bollywood style and dramatics!! You think you have grace, expressions, style, attitude, good dance experience and love for Bollywood moves, then contact us and update yourself with our Bollywood audition schedules in Germany and Switzerland!