Workshops @ Trishna

Our Workshop Information

Trishna can arrange for Kathak, Bollywood & Indian folk dance workshops as per your interest and requirement.

Various workshops giving an introduction into the following aspects comprise the structure of Trishna's courses and workshops:

  • Kathak (Classical Indian Dance)
  • Indian Classical Dance Theory
  • Indian Classical Rhythm and Beats
  • Bollywood Dance
  • Indian Folk Dance

All workshops / courses are offered at different levels (beginners / intermediate / advanced) and for all age groups.

Special individual lessons or group sessions can be arranged for the above mentioned courses and workshops. Sessions can be organized for projects at schools, kindergartens and other associations.

Lecture Demonstrations

The lecture demonstrations can help the people to get an idea of the art form with live presentations, video broadcast and with theoretical information.

Such Lecture Demonstration sessions can be arranged as per the requirement.